A journey through the unique history of Porsche in the Netherlands
75 Y

The rich and vibrant history of Porsche in the Netherlands takes center stage this summer on the ground floor within the Mobility Experience at Move Amsterdam. Through special facts and anecdotes, both young and old are taken on a journey through a temporary exhibition full of unique Porsches.

On the second floor, kids can indulge in high-speed fun. At the Fast exhibition, interactive games await; from Formula 1 racing to a competition on the lightning-fast sprint track.

Exhibition '75 years of Porsche in the Netherlands'

In 1949, Ben Pon Sr. brought the first Porsche to the Netherlands. In 2024, that was exactly 75 years ago, making Porsche Netherlands the oldest Porsche importer in the world. The rich and exciting history is the subject of a special exhibition this summer at the Mobility Experience in Move Amsterdam.

For 75 years, Porsche has been driven by dreams. Ferdinand Porsche, together with his sons, realized his dream by creating his own sports car brand. Ben Pon Sr. did the same; he saw the potential of the sports car brand and thus became the very first Porsche importer in the world.

Are you also driven by dreams? Come inside and immerse yourself in the history of one of the most extraordinary sports cars. Everyone, kids and adults, are welcome!

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Exhibition FAST

Our passion for speed fuels continuous advancements in technology. Engines become more powerful while also becoming more fuel-efficient. Athletes train in wind tunnels to discover the ideal posture. Many innovations first applied in professional circuit races later find their way to consumers. All to enhance our collective performance. People are becoming smarter and faster.

Do you want to learn how this is possible? Come to the FAST exhibition and be amazed by the technology behind speed and the latest innovations in this field.

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