The dream car of every child! The Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti Baby image

Imagine: you are young and you want to explore the world, but in style. What if we told you that you have the chance to get behind the wheel of a Bugatti?

Yes, you heard it right, a Bugatti! But not just any Bugatti, it's the Baby II - a children's car you have dreamed off! In honour of Bugatti's 110th anniversary, The Little Car Company has teamed up with Bugatti to develop this modern interpretation of the classic Bugatti Baby. This homage to Ettore Bugatti's masterpiece has been built using the latest technologies while maintaining the utmost respect for Bugatti's automotive heritage.

The Baby II is a fully electric reincarnation of the iconic Bugatti Type 35, developed using a full 3D scan of an original 1924 French Grand Prix car. As an official Bugatti product, only the very best components are used, ensuring that every car impeccably handcrafted. The Baby II is even adorned with a genuine, solid silver Bugatti Macaron - a symbol of exclusivity, luxury and craftsmanship that has been around for over 110 years! It is a worthy continuation of Bugatti's prestigious history.

Best of all? Only 500 Bugatti Baby II will be made.

Foto stuur Bugatti